Bone Graft

What is Dental Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft is necessary when bone loss has occurred in the jaw. This procedure replaces missing bone inside your jaw (typically caused by missing teeth) with bone grafting material to encourage regeneration. Dental bone grafts are extremely common, it is actually a fairly routine procedure recommended specially after a tooth is extracted. They may be performed by your dentist at Hamlin Dental Group or a specialist such as a periodontist or an oral surgeon.

When to do Bone Graft?

This procedure may be recommended if you:
. Are having a tooth extraction
. Plan to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant
. Need to rebuild the jaw before getting dentures
. Have areas of bone loss due to gum/periodontal disease

Bone Graft at Hamlin Dental Group

What Causes Bone Graft?

Losing a tooth as an adult can lead to other serious problems. The bone in your jaw provides stability to your teeth and mouth. If for any reason you lose a tooth, your jawbone is left with a hole in it where the tooth root used to be. This can cause the jawbone to shrink down overtime. If you don’t address this bone loss, it can cause you to lose other teeth in the future.
Our Hamlin Dental professionals will let you know if you will need this procedure after your tooth is removed. For any concerns or questions regarding the benefits of doing bone graft, call us today at any of our three Hamlin Dental locations (Van Nuys, Northridge and North Hollywood)