Dental Veneers

Why Veneers?

Receiving veneers in Los Angeles is comfortable and stress-free when you work with a cosmetic dentist at Hamlin Dental Group. The exceptional cosmetic dentists at Hamlin are highly experienced in introducing veneers to Los Angeles patients’ discolored or cracked teeth. While some patients choose to have one veneer placed to fix a single cracked tooth, other patients get veneers across a whole row of teeth to get a complete smile makeover. Time and again, the people we serve are pleased with the aesthetic changes rendered with veneers in Los Angeles.

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Veneers in Los Angeles are utilized to improve the aesthetic appeal and to also protect teeth that are susceptible to damage. In many cases, our dental professionals use these porcelain covers for patients who have suffered some sort of dental trauma as a result of an accident. Our dentists may recommend dental implants to Los Angeles patients needing to replace missing teeth. While veneers are good for covering up small spaces between teeth, a dental implant may be needed to fill a gap created by a missing tooth. With each step of the implant process, the Hamlin dental surgeon takes the proper precautions to embed the root and to secure the artificial tooth, yielding natural results for a beautiful smile.

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The cosmetic and orthodontic professionals at Hamlin also utilize Invisalign for Los Angeles residents needing to realign their teeth. Patients love Invisalign because it allows older teens and adults to get straight teeth without the embarrassment of unsightly metal braces. Not only is Invisalign practically invisible to anyone who doesn’t already know it’s there, the custom fitted retainers are extremely comfortable, and unlike metal braces, do not limit the type of foods that patients can eat. If you need a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles you can trust Hamlin Dental Group to see any and all procedures through to completion.

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Many families agree that the dental professionals at Hamlin Dental Group are the leading providers of general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry. Parents appreciate our dentists’ ability to both create a calm, fun environment for nervous young patients, and to teach them brushing habits that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Families and individual patients alike enjoy the results of their visits to one of Hamlin’s three locations, and they are amazed by how gently and efficiently the dental team performs each treatment. To schedule a consultation for veneers or a variety of other dental services.

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