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Welcome to HDG Dental Imaging, Our specially trained staff and our highly advanced digital X-ray equipment have earned us a reputation for delivering top-quality results.

When you have a mouth full of teeth, every bite can be a potential source of pain. But, when you have a healthy mouth, everything is different. A healthy mouth can chew, speak, smell, and taste, and this is where dental imaging comes in. A dental examination with an X-ray is the most accurate way of determining the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw.

HDG Imaging Center

X-ray dental imaging is a diagnostic imaging technique used to look inside the mouth, and teeth of a patient. The technique is often used to evaluate teeth for any problem such as broken teeth, cavities, infection, or any other dental problems. 

In dental Imaging the color and contrast of the image are critical. You need high clarity, good contrast, and depth. With our current technology, we are able to process the X-ray images in a matter of seconds, allowing us to return to our patients within minutes.

Hamlin Dental Group Imaging Center Digital Imaging Device


Panoramic dental x-rays are a type of X-ray that allows you to see all areas of your mouth. X-rays are taken for both medical and dental purposes. These dental x-rays are used to detect dental problems, such as cavities. Panoramic dental x-rays are also referred to as Panorex or chairside x-rays.

Panorex HDG Imaging Center

Lateral cephalometric

Lateral cephalometric analysis is a series of X-rays taken of both sides of a patient’s head. The X-rays help the dentist to see if there are any abnormalities in the patient’s oral structures. The dentist can use this information to determine if a patient has a bite problem, a potential problem with their jaw, or abnormal growths in their oral structures.

Lateral cephalometric HDG Imaging Center

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HDG Imaging Center Fees

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