Dental professionals today are increasingly using digital dental radiographs and Hamlin Dental Group is not the exception. When you visit any of our offices for the first time or for a routine dental check-up, our experienced dental assistants will take digital x-rays as needed, to help our dentists better diagnose, treat and monitor oral conditions and problems that the dentist may not be able to see with the unaided eye. Digital X-rays are an alternative that offers us a different way to examine your teeth, create treatment plans and protect your long-term dental health.

A digital X-ray is similar to a traditional X-ray in some ways. Digital x-rays use sensors that replace the traditional x-rays films. A sensor will be put into place to capture enhanced computer images of teeth, gums, and other underlying oral conditions. The image can then be brought up on a screen for our dental professionals to see. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to enhance the contrast to better view specific structures. We can even compare your images with previous images to detect even the smallest changes in your smile. This ensures a more accurate diagnosis and more options as we develop your treatment plan.

Van Nuys Digital Dental X-Rays

Our office’s dental professionals can also share the images with you. Not only does this enable you to see and better understand exactly what is going on with your smile, but it can also improve your overall treatment experience. Digital X-rays offer other benefits to you as well. They emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays and are completed much faster, which means less chair-time for you. Digital images make it easier for our office’s dental professionals to share digital images with other dentists on your treatment team. And finally, they are healthier for the environment because they require no special chemicals to develop and no extra space to store. Digital dental radiographs can be taken inside (intraoral) or outside (extraoral) the mouth. The most common digital x-rays taken are the intraoral, they provide great detail and are used to detect cavities and monitor teeth and bone health. The extraoral don’t provide the same detail of intraoral x-rays and are not used to identify individual tooth problems. However, extraoral x-rays are used to detect impacted teeth, monitor jaw growth, and development, TMJ problems.

While digital X-rays are allowing us more options than ever before, you may still benefit from conventional X-rays in some situations. We will explain all your options and our recommendations at your next appointment. Do not hesitate to give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We have three convenient locations in the San Fernando Valley (North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and Northridge) ready to serve you and answer your dental concerns.